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What the crap!

Hokay so,  I get up and everything is all good right?  Made the bed, ate some toast, played a little Prince of Persia.. Its all good yeah?  Grandma is going to the store, so Im getting my shit together, got my shoes on, checking my hair.. Phone rings its my BF... awesome, or not, just called for his sunglasses ok...   so im leaving right, he he pulls up the driveway just as we are pulling out... well i guess that while we were driving down the road he was telling my grandfather about how he is moving to texas and not coming back..... Mean while back in the car im having a grand old time, bought myself some sheet music, life is good... we go to the grocery store and are like... hmm wonder if mac will come for dinner tonight...

get home life is still kinda good, then sharon comes in with a... we need to tell you somethings.... a great wonderful oh by the way you probably wont ever see your bf again because they are trying to deport him...

Wonderful.... now i have an illegal alien for a bf, whom I dont get to see again... little fucked up no?

Im just going to

be a lesbian.  Then again, what is it that makes a relationship with a woman any better than that with a man?  There really isnt much difference, it is still two people who are molding theirs lives around one another.  So maybe I wont be a lesbain, maybe I'll just stop having relationships.  I was doing alright before, so I'll do just fine after.  I dont need another person in my life to make me someone.  Dates are nice, but commitment is out.


You catch me,


You breathe for me,


You stitch me back together,


You make me whole,


I’ll love you,


To repay you,

For forever,

You gave me.


I wish I could tell you how much I really Love you, but you would just make like the music is too loud. I wish you would realize just how much I do for you, and if you do, is a simple thank you too much? I wish you would see, that you are the world to me, and no other bitch could treat you better. I wish you would love me, as much as I love you, and all the drama would subside, and we could be happy, you and me, because thats how it really could be, if you would just love me.

it would be so great

If i could find some people i knew on here.


I'm really tired, but just kinda started actually looking at this LJ thing.  It looks kinda like i can have some fun with it. We'll see what happens.



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